What DIY’s do you want to see?

When trying to decide what DIY to do next, I have a huge list of things that I can choose from. I have a big list of things I want to show you and I can’t really know what you want to see. This site really is about the readers and viewers. You’re suggestions would really help me narrow down and fine tune what you really want to see.

Do you prefer written tutorials, or are you a visual learner, and you want to see more videos? Fill out the form below and tell me what you think.

Is there a tutorial that you would love to see me do? Send your ideas for DIY’s and I’ll pick one each month and make a tutorial. What would you would love to learn?

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I Breathe I DIY

I love figuring things out & I'm constantly learning new ways to do it myself. I love sharing diys with the world! I'm an artist, author, intuitive spiritual healer, and energy & sound healer & but what I love doing is showing you how I do my art & projects. I can't wait to create new material for you. This year is going to be filled with more heart-centered ideas for I Breathe I DIY!

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