Amazing Brand Silicone Mold Review

When you needed to make a mold of something, there’s several products to choose from out there. One of the easiest products to find is the Amazing Brand Mold Putty system. You can find it at all box craft stores for under $20 and if you bring your coupon, it’s even cheaper. If you can’t find it in your area you can find it here (I make a small commission should you purchase it here).

Here I’ll show you how to use the Amazing Mold Putty for flawless results, give my honesty review, and explain its ideal uses.

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There are a lot of different mold making supplies and brands out there to choose from.  How do you choose which ones right for you?  This review will help you decide if a flexible silicone mold is the right choice for the project.

You open the box and there are two canisters inside. One of them has white silicone and one of them has yellow silicone inside.  Leave these closed until you’re going to use them.

You can get several uses when molding small items

To make a mold you use equal parts of part A and part B and mix them together in your hands. Avoid using the same utensil in both containers, unused parts shouldn’t touch the other part.

You need to work quickly because there’s a chemical reaction that takes place when the touch each other and this one will set up fairly quickly.  When they’ve made a lighter yellow color and they’re completely mixed, make a ball out of it and press your item to be molded into the surface of the ball. Doing it this way will ensure there’s a flat surface on the bottom of the mold so it’s not difficult to pour liquid into later.

The things that you can make using this product are endless.  You can make new buttons, beads, jewelry, the list goes on and on.  And on and on.

What are some qualities of the Amazing silicone mold putty?

  • It’s a very easy to work with system.  It’s kind of like playing with clay.  You really do just mix equal parts together.  There’s no weighing anything out you just visually match equal parts.  You’ve got 2-3 minutes to work with it (its pot-life) and make your mold.
  • You can very easily press shapes into it.  You can also easily press it into shapes if you’ve made your own creations out of clay.
This mold was pressed onto the shape by hand
  • You can shape it around an object using gentle pressure.  I’ve created more complex molds with it this way and even things I held while it cured.  When you press your object into it it’s easy to manipulate it around tiny details on the edges.
  • It works best with buttons, broaches, and other one sided things.  It’s really not meant to be used if you’re trying to make something 3D.
  • It’s not overly complex, there’s no stinky fumes, and it doesn’t have long cure times. It cures completely in about 15 minutes!
  • This product is pretty mess free as far as mold making supplies go.  There are zero runny liquids to deal with like latex and other silicone.
Flexible mold material makes it easy to retrieve your creations
  • Once it’s cured it creates a mold that’s fairly flexible, but pretty ridged.  It’s not at all hard like plaster. If you make it flex too far it could tear.  Once again, this is great for little shapes and objects pressed into the top of the surface.
  • No need for a mother mold or support. Unlike some other mold making supplies this doesn’t need any kind of additional support to be a mold . It’s just a rigid enough to hold itself up without needing a lot of product.
  • This product holds fine details really well.  Even very fine details in your object will be reproduced in the mold.
This mold reproduced fine details in my project
  • This makes a more sturdy mold and than latex, and will break down slower over time than latex.
  • Silicone molds can be reused many times if you use a spray release or release on them every time you cast something like a resin into it. A silicone mold, like many other molds will pull moisture from the mold, so using the release in it means you can use the mold multiple times.  If it’s a one-time-use mold you don’t need to worry about a mold release.
  • This is a very easily a product to find and purchase and almost all the box crafts stores carry it.
You can easily cast resin into this mold


  • It’s not suitable for reusing a LOT of times.  I think I’ve gotten around 10 casts from one mold before it starts deteriorating.  This means it will lose detail and it’ll actually flake off in your resin creations.

Your idea of a lot of times may differ, but I have cast hundreds of the same thing from this stuff and just gotten about 10 from an individual mold.

  • It can tear while you’re de-molding or getting your stuff out of it.  If your object is really embedded in it, or you tried to make it mold a very complicated shape, it can be too difficult to get an item or cast item back out without tearing the mold.

Overall I recommend the Amazing brand silicone mold putty as an easy to use mold making material that doesn’t require any previous experience in mold making.  Whether you’re a first time user or an experienced user you’ll achieve similar results.  You can make outstanding custom pieces with these molds or reproduce an irreplaceable button like a pro.