Massive changes have begun I Breathe I DIY will be changing websites and content.

If you’re anything like me, time can get away from you and before you know it, you’re really far behind. I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because we went through some huge changes, here at I Breathe I DIY. This blog and site will be undergoing massive changes in the next weeks. I have wanted to post tutorials for you, but I saved them up for the next really big thing this site is doing!

This blog was originally started as two long-term friends getting together and doing DIYs. That changed drastically, and Sara is no longer with the company since Dec, leaving me to try to find the inspiration to keep it going. I’ve also not wanted to deal with it honestly, because I’m in pain from losing a dear friend, due to holding onto my own personal boundaries. Also, since we’re being honest, I’m not completely satisfied with the massive companies we chose to affiliate with, and want to shake things up. I want to support local and small business more, and things I personally use.

I ended up trying to continue with the DIYs by myself, because I have so many wonderful followers, and I get great suggestions, and input from my viewers. My heart wasn’t in it though, and I had to find a new way to share my love of art, design, sewing, sculpting, and to show you my professional designs with this new blog and site. I’m liquidating this blog & adding it to part of my personal artist’s site.

Starting in the next weeks, this blog will be changing to Betsy Katz Designs and you will get to follow my projects, commissions, remodeling, etc, through the blog. The new site will highlight my art portfolio, fine art photography, sculptures, novels, interior design, wearable art, products for sale, and oh my gosh, so much more.  

Because I love teaching you how I do the things that I do, I’ll continue to make tutorials and videos to share with you.  I have so many techniques, reviews, and tutorials to share with you, but to be true to myself, I have to be myself – and that means ending I Breathe I DIY.

Thank you for being patient while this chapter ends, and a new one begins. As always, thank you for your support and time. I’m excited to be able to let you into my world, and I hope you enjoy the changes!