Let’s Be Friends

At I Breathe I DIY, I’m passionate about helping you learn how to do a variety of projects using different materials. I love teaching you the steps, and explaining the materials so you have the confidence to do-it-yourself. I repair, reuse, and recycle whenever possible- because it’s the right thing to do. Inspiring you to try something new and creative is why I do this.

Photos courtesy of Jack Hicks

Betsy Katz is the founder of I Breathe I DIY. She’s a mother and wife in beautiful Colorado. She has 20+ years experience as a professional artist, and a love of animals, and all things creative. She has been involved in special effects makeup/hair, costuming, gardening, sculpting, fabricating, casting/molding, novel writing, ketogenic & gluten free cooking, resin art, fiberglass, wearable arts, dancing in the rain, heavy metal bass guitar, and of course home repairs and interior design.

She’s the author of the monster-hunting LIFERS (Lifeless-Inhumane-Feral-Extraction-Recovery-Squad) book series for middle graders and the upcoming Mountian Coffee Mysteries adult cozy mystery book series.

Being a very creative person, she has learned a huge variety of artistic and construction skills. Her passion is teaching others that they really can do anything they can imagine. She lives with epilepsy and other serious heath issues and still empowers others to keep creating.