Free Elegant and Sophisticated Blank Printable Planner Pages- Full & Half Sizes – For Your Most Organized Year Ever

Keeping your life organized doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re having difficulty keeping track of your family’s schedule, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to keep track of all the important details that go along with remembering appointments. If you would rather physically write down what you need to do, instead of electronically, these free printable planner pages can help you keep track of your information, so you can stop trying to remember to try to remember.

Printable blank planner pages in full and half page sizes-2- IBreatheIdiy

I’ve created these elegant and sophisticated blank planner pages for you. You deserve to have your most organized year ever! You can print them out at home, and use whatever hole punch you need for your planner, to create your own personalized organizer for the coming year.

Note: There’s an opportunity to share your opinion on which page’s font or letters you prefer. See the bottom of this post for details.

If you would prefer to purchase the pre-dated 2019 set of planner pages, they will be available soon.

These planner pages are printer friendly, since there’s no bright colors. They’ve been carefully designed so you can punch holes in the side without losing any information. The pages have plenty of room for notes to yourself or important details you want to write down in your new elegant planner pages.

Printable blank planner pages in full and half page sizes-3- IBreatheIdiy

I’ve created both full-page sized planner pages, as well as half-page planner pages, so you can use the size that suits your needs best. Be sure you print both the monthly and weekly calendar pages so you can keep track of your stuff like a professional. Simply print the size you want from the included PDF files, punch holes, and start planning your life in a more meaningful way, that will help you feel less stressed about all the things you need to remember to do, bring, etc.

Simply download the PDFs and print them! These are completely free and my gift to you as a great organization tool. Printing these from home gives you the freedom to print on both sides, if you choose, (in your printer settings) and you can print as many pages as you need at a time. Because they aren’t dated, you can use them in any year or month by filling in the dates you want to use.

Printable blank planner pages in full and half page sizes- IBreatheIdiy

The trick to living a more organized life, is to start creating habits and little changes to start heading in the direction you want to go. It takes approximately twenty-one days to create new habits and for the mind to start incorporating the habits as routine.

Printable blank planner pages in full and half page sizes-1- IBreatheIdiy

Two sizes make it easy to incorporate these planner pages into your existing planner, or notebook. You can choose from full-page planners or half-page planners.

  • Full Page – Calendars print on a full sheet of paper. Click on the link below to download the free pages of your choice! No email is required to get these.

Free Monthly Printable Planner – Full page_Blank – IBreatheIDIY

Free Weekly Printable Planner – Full page_Blank – IBreatheIDIY

  • Half Page – Calendars print two images per sheet of paper. Click the link below to get yours now. No email needed to get these and start using them now.

Free Printable Monthly half-pg Blank Planner-IBreatheIdiy

Free Printable Half page Blank Weekly planner IBreatheIdiy

Note: I personally prefer to use disk-bound notebooks for all my notebooks and my planner pages, which I just add easily into the back of my notebook. When I discovered Diskbound notebook like the TUL and Arc brand ones I use for my office and novels, my life was literally never the same again. They made it easy to rearrange my pages and using the diskbound hole punch, you can use any papers you want in it. Just like these sophisticated planner pages. I’ve given these diskbound notebooks to friends to try and they love them!

Other tools to get the most out of your planner pages

  • Color code people/places in the calendar for quick viewing using different colored pens
  • Use post-it notes or flags as tabs to quickly move to another month
  • Make important notes – there’s plenty of room for details
  • Attach post-it notes to the pages to add lists like groceries, or a note to get printer ink.
  • Use the check offs in the notes to quickly see what needs attention
  • Keep these pages on your computer or phone so you can print more as needed.
  • Print out the monthly pages for an entire year and date them so you’re set.
  • Add important things right away like when library books are due or what time the dog gets picked up when you leave town.
  • The more you add to your planner, the less you have to remember
  • Use the blank back sides for to-do lists and shopping lists and have everything where you need it
  • Try checking off things you’ve accomplished for a great feeling of completion

These pages have two different fonts or letters, both are elegant and classy. I would love to know which one you like the best – The monthly or weekly pages. 

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Blank Printable Free Planner pages- Full and Half pages- I Breathe I DIY

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